Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cubicle Wars 2011

I work with a great group of people and although the content of our job is quite serious, we manage to cut loose from time to time.  

Last year we started the tradition of decorating our work spaces for the Holidays... some of us became very competitive!  

We'll try to top ourselves and each other every time ;)  

2010 - Team Stefanie and Corie 

That's right, we had a fireplace !!

2011 - Team Stefanie and Corie 

Welcome to our Winter Wonderland!

2010 - Team Elly and Lawinna
2011 - Team Elly and Lawinna

2010 - Team Aleah and Jason
2011 - Team Aleah and Jason

2010 - Team Jennifer and Chiquita

2011 - Team Jennifer and Chiquita

Coming soon...

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