Sunday, December 18, 2011

Confession Sunday

We hoard Christmas cards!! 

Reasons why...
  1. They are too pretty to throw away
  2. The guilt of throwing away overly priced cards from loved ones eats us up in side
  3. We are determined to recycle them and reuse them in ways unimaginable (unimaginable may be a bit dramatic)
They all seem true but # 3 makes me feel less like the lady who finds dead cats in her garbage filled living room....


Big sister - I like to break down the greeting cards from years past and turn them into new Holiday cards.

Greeting Cards Pre-op


The patient is prepped for surgery 


Creating a new base for the card (folded card stock in half)


I used double stick tape to adhere the 
old greeting card image to the new folded card stock


New cards made from old - mission accomplished!


Little sister - She recycles her old greeting cards into gift tags.  

 Cut your desired shape, use a hole punch in one of the corners and put a ribbon or piece of yarn through the hole.  Attach your gift tag to whatever your hearts desires!


  1. your cards are all adorable thanks for sharing them come see what I shared at

  2. Nice way to reuse cards! Check out my sites for more great ideas:

    The gift box templates (above) use old Christmas cards.



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