Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Link Party

Halloween 2011 Link Party here

No. 3 reason I LOVE Halloween - You can dress like anyone or thing you want for one {spooktacular} day

No. 2 reason I LOVE Halloween - I'm originally from the Midwest so for me Halloween represents fond memories of crisp cool air, color changing leaves and the smell of warm apple cider.

No. 1 reason I LOVE Halloween - My Sister's annual Halloween Party - I love the challenge of creating low budget decorations (it is never too early to start as far as I'm concerned)

Halloween Link Party Rules:
  • Link to the specific post for something YOU have created - Decorations, Party ideas, Costumes, etc. (not to your main blog page). 
  • Grab the DesignDNA button to add to your blog page.
  • Be sure to visit other posts and leave them a comment! 
  • Let me know if you've featured me, and I'll let you know if I've featured you ;) 
  • This party will stay open through the end of November so you can post this year's Halloween party projects.
  • No limit - post away.  Just remember only Halloween projects will be accepted.

Pre Halloween Party Meeting

This past weekend I was Ohio bound to my mandatory Halloween Party Meeting

 We immediately raided the Halloween and Thrift Stores from NW Ohio to SE Michigan

My amazing thrift store finds

$1.99 each


$0.99 each

$0.99 each

 Some serious Halloween projects were created by 3 generations of creative minds - this is serious business folks!


Halloween craft tutorials to come!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dollar Store Evil Fairies

I'm not entirely sure how these evil fairies will be used but I couldn't wait to share them with everyone.

I found these 'cute' little fairies at the Dollar Tree and to be honest, their eyes creeped me out so I thought "perfect"!

I used masking tape to cover their hair and eyes and sprayed them like crazy with white spray paint.

After the paint dried I used a black sharpie to creep them out even more.
  • draw black circles around their eyes (they already come with creepy red eyes)
  • randomly place stitches over their bodies
  • wildly tease their hair

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dollar Store - Chic 'Rat' Wall Art

My house has turned into something similar to Santa's Workshop these days. Minus his little helpers and add 140 degrees! Corie's Halloween Desert Laboratory?

I've been busy making decorations and props for my Sister's Halloween Party. This is serious business. So serious that I've been summoned for a mandatory business meeting 2000 miles away!! I'm super excited to brainstorm in person and put some plans into motion.

I'll be packing this rat trio in my luggage to be displayed on my sister's wall (if she lets me!)

What you'll need:

  • Trays from the Dollar Store

  • Black Spray Paint

  • Dollar Store Silhouette Cut-Outs

  • Green Spray Paint

  • String/Ribbon

  • Hot Glue

Spray the trays black - I used high gloss

Tape the rats down to the cardboard and spray them with several light layers of green paint (let paint dry in between layers otherwise the paper gets too wet and will curl up)

After all of the paint dries, tape/glue the green rats to the center of each tray.

Hot glue ribbons on the back of each tray for hanging.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Canvas Makeover

Several months ago I wanted to create wall art using recycled magazines and an old canvas. The final product didn't turn out exactly as I anticipated (I thought by gluing yarn across the canvas would give it an added dimension however, the cute little owls are now in jail) Ugh.

Instead of throwing my efforts away I thought I'd give it a second chance.

I started by mixing Mod Podge with several drops of black paint and covered the canvas with old book pages to create a smoother base.

It's not easily seen in this picture but I dripped hot glue up and down the canvas. Trying to create the look of dripping blood.

Cover the hot glue and canvas with black spray paint.

Starting from the top I dripped red paint down the canvas - the messier the better (I've found some paints are thicker then others - the runnier the better in this case so you may need to thin the paint out slightly with a few drops of water)

Repeat the step with black paint (this is quite messy so make sure you have cardboard or a drop cloth below the canvas)

Glue plastic spiders to the front of the canvas and voilĂ !

An inexpensive Halloween piece of art!

A little known fact ~ I'm terribly arachnophobic so I had a very hard time handling these plastic spiders...

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday Link Party # 2

Thanks to all who stopped in to show off your fabulous work!  You really made our first link party a fantastic experience.  Please show your love to our 2 favorite submissions :)

There is something magical about thrift store hunting and turning nothing into something. I’m in love with this Halloween Candy Dish created by Reasons to Skip the Housework I love it 100 times more because she purchased the components for under $1.

Polish The Stars has our mouth watering with her Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars.  I must try these and I'm not even a big fan of sweets!

Friday Link Party # 2

Ready, set, go....

  • Link to the specific post for something YOU have created (not to your main blog page). 
  • Grab the DesignDNA button to add to your blog page.
  • Be sure to visit other posts and leave them a comment! 
  • Let me know if you've featured me, and I'll let you know if I've featured you ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Friday Link Party No. one - 3 days left to submit

I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend!  

Don't forget to stop by and show off your inspiring work!  3 days left to submit your links! 

Have a great Night everyone :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Halloween Scrapbook {spell book part 2}

First Step: Find an old distressed leather book (when I opened the first page of the red book, 1944 was hand written in the top right corner). I took an exacto knife to the leather to make it look like claw marks.

Step 2: Use black spray paint to cover the majority of the leather ( I left some of the natural leather exposed to give it more dimension)

Step 3: I applied acrylic paint in brick and terra cotta with a sponge making sure not to fully cover the black base coat (I rubbed cinnamon into the book because I thought it might help with the antique look but it made more of a mess then anything).

Step 4: I cut a piece of burlap or (heavy cloth) into a rectangular shape and rubbed cinnamon into various sections of the cloth. Then let the cloth sit in a tea bath for a few minutes to give it a more aged look.

  • After the cloth dried, the edges frayed naturally which was a pleasant surprise!
  • Use a stamp to spell out the title of your book.
  • On the book on the left, I took a miniature picture frame found in the doll house aisle of Hobby Lobby and sprayed it black (sponged the same book colors over top the black frame). Inside the frame I placed my sister's family vampire picture from last Halloween.
  • On the right book, I used the same foil embossed stickers (sprayed black then sponged the book colors on top) from the Dollar Store that I used on the last Halloween Spell Books. Place a googly eye in the middle of the sticker.

Orange Puffy Pant was used to draw the titles on the spine.
I used more foil embossed stickers and googly eyes on the back of one of the books.

Step 5: Open your "Book of Shadows" and let the scrap-booking begin. Volume 1 and Volume 2 of my Book of Shadows represent my Sister's 1st and 2nd annual Halloween Party.

Each "scrap book page" consisted of first gluing 5-6 book pages together for stability. I created page tabs with masking tape to easily turn the pages.

Place pictures (& stickers) on the pages and let them tell their story.

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