Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Solstice 2012

by the Big Sister
I recently made a trip back to my hometown of Toledo, Ohio for a much needed reunion with friends and family!  It is no coincidence that I booked my trip with another of my Sister's parties in mind. Please take a peek of the latest party thrown by The Little Sister.

Summer Solstice
the Official start of Summer
when the Earth is most tilted toward the sun
and the day of the year with the longest period of daylight 
and the shortest night
also another reason to throw a party

The Summer in Toledo started out with a vengeance - record breaking temperatures set the scene for a memorable Summer party.
Adults (Women Only)
Light up paper lanterns glowed against the wooded backyard while candles were scattered throughout the party for added ambiance.

    *The clear containers holding the salad ingredients were once yummy scented candles! Wash thoroughly and you have yourself an up-cycled serving dish! 

Little sister was sure to keep the color scheme true to theme.  Galvanized buckets full of ice housed frosty bottles of beer and water.  White, cream and blue linen napkins rolled in silver rings were available for any mishaps. 
Simple and light with the hot humid evening in mind.


Nora Jones softly played in the background. 

A psychic medium was set up in little sister's basement - lots of interesting stories! 

Fun was had by all! Have you ever been to a Summer Solstice Party? 


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