Monday, October 15, 2012

$2 Skull Candle

Supplies:  Plastic Skull from the Dollar Tree, candle stick from the Dollar Tree, cream colored acrylic paint, hot glue and a toilet paper roll candle.

The following were stacked and glued on top of one another:

  • Toilet paper roll candle
  • Dollar store plastic skull
  • Dollar store glass candle holder

Extra hot glue was dripped down the top of the plastic skull head to replicate dripping wax.  Once the hot glue cooled it was covered with cream colored acrylic paint.

Cost: $2
  • Plastic Skull - $1
  • Candle Holder - $1
  • Cardboard insert - Free
  • Paint and hot glue - on hand

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Link Party Directory

Here are a few places we've been hanging out during this spooky season.  Let me know if you've found other Halloween hot spots and I'll add them to the list!

Spice Rack turned Halloween Prop

I recently obtained an old spice rack from my Sister-in-law who thought I might be interested in turning it into a Halloween prop.  Challenge accepted!  


Supplies: Expandable foam, acrylic paint, body parts from the Dollar Tree and rope.

Step 1: I removed the test tubes and began to play with the spray foam.  Make sure you read the warnings, it is very flammable and hazardous to your skin!  The foam is pretty messy and has a mind of its own but for this project it worked out perfect - the sloppier the better. 

Step 2: I placed plastic eyeballs into the wet foam and let dry overnight.  The foam really expands so you may need to trim it down a bit.

Great Stuff (expanding foam)

Step 3:  I wanted the foam to have a "swampy" appearance.  I mixed different shades of green and brown acrylic paint together and slathered on the filth.

Step 4:  I painted the lids a similar mud color, emptied most of the spices and added water to the tubes .  The rod iron handle was wrapped with rope and Voila!  

Cost: $8
  • Spice rack - Free
  • Expanding foam - $6.99
  • Paint and rope - on hand
  • Plastic body parts - $1

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Chandelier on the Cheap

I've been staring at this dust-collecting-fruit bowl-thrift find for weeks now.  It has served as a great book end these last few years but I've been thinking, it's time for a costume change!

Supplies: Mardi Gras beads, other decorative beads (whatever you may want to hang from the chandelier), fruit bowl or colander, spray paint, hot glue and toilet paper cardboard inserts.


Step 1: Construct a few Toilet Paper Roll Candles (I used 5 for this project).
Step 2: Turn the fruit bowl upside down and place candles and beads in your desired location.  Mardi Gras beads are also used to hang the chandelier - adjust the length by using less or more beads.
Step 3: Use black spray paint to bring everything together.

I'll be taking this guy to Ohio next week to be used for my Sister's Halloween party.  I intend on adding a few more details once I arrive.  I'd like to hang spider cut outs (or maybe bats?) at different lengths from the middle. 

Total cost: $9
  • Fruit Bowl - Goodwill $3
  • Mardi Gras Beads - Dollar Tree $1/pack
  • Christmas Beads - Dollar Tree $1/pack of 3
  • Battery operated tea lights - Dollar Tree $1/pack of 3
  • Hot glue, spray paint, card board inserts - on hand


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