Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spice Rack turned Halloween Prop

I recently obtained an old spice rack from my Sister-in-law who thought I might be interested in turning it into a Halloween prop.  Challenge accepted!  


Supplies: Expandable foam, acrylic paint, body parts from the Dollar Tree and rope.

Step 1: I removed the test tubes and began to play with the spray foam.  Make sure you read the warnings, it is very flammable and hazardous to your skin!  The foam is pretty messy and has a mind of its own but for this project it worked out perfect - the sloppier the better. 

Step 2: I placed plastic eyeballs into the wet foam and let dry overnight.  The foam really expands so you may need to trim it down a bit.

Great Stuff (expanding foam)

Step 3:  I wanted the foam to have a "swampy" appearance.  I mixed different shades of green and brown acrylic paint together and slathered on the filth.

Step 4:  I painted the lids a similar mud color, emptied most of the spices and added water to the tubes .  The rod iron handle was wrapped with rope and Voila!  

Cost: $8
  • Spice rack - Free
  • Expanding foam - $6.99
  • Paint and rope - on hand
  • Plastic body parts - $1

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  1. I was browsing for unique and awesome Indoor/Outdoor halloween decorations and saw your posts. Fun & great ideas you have here. I hope it's fine with you that I could pin some of them on my Pinterest board halloween decorations and props too. Keep up writing interesting posts as this. Thank you :)



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