Monday, October 15, 2012

$2 Skull Candle

Supplies:  Plastic Skull from the Dollar Tree, candle stick from the Dollar Tree, cream colored acrylic paint, hot glue and a toilet paper roll candle.

The following were stacked and glued on top of one another:

  • Toilet paper roll candle
  • Dollar store plastic skull
  • Dollar store glass candle holder

Extra hot glue was dripped down the top of the plastic skull head to replicate dripping wax.  Once the hot glue cooled it was covered with cream colored acrylic paint.

Cost: $2
  • Plastic Skull - $1
  • Candle Holder - $1
  • Cardboard insert - Free
  • Paint and hot glue - on hand

1 comment:

  1. I really hope the Dollar Tree never stops selling those glass candlesticks. The Dollar General here doesn't have them any more. I wonder if the shops know all the wonderful things bloggers do with them? I love your Skull Candle. What a clever use of hot glue!



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