Sunday, October 9, 2011

Man Eating Plants

This is such a fun project 
{my 6 year old niece even helped out}

Skill level: Easy...
...if you can use a glue gun 
{I handled the hot glue of course}

Inspiration from:  Bitter Betty Blogs


Supplies: Styrofoam Balls, Vampire Teeth, 
Paint, Artificial Flowers Hot Glue and a knife.

Step 1:  Using a serrated knife, cut the 
Styrofoam ball in half (keeping it slightly attached)

 Step 2: Paint the outside skin of your man eating 
  plant (we stuck with lime green, purple and black).  
Paint the inside of the mouth red.
Step 3: Hot glue the vampire teeth inside of the painted 
Styrofoam ball.
 Step 4: Hot glue the backside of the  painted 
Styrofoam ball to the front of an artificial 
flower (the bigger the petals the better)

  • Coordinate the paint colors with the color of flower you will be using.  Example, The lime green painted Styrofoam really popped off of the red or brown flowers.  The black painted Styrofoam complimented the white flowers.
  • Paint the tips of the flowers with contrasting paint color to add more visual interest.
  • Outline the vampire teeth with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Under a black-light

We created an extra large man-eating plant by using 2 pairs of vampire teeth and a large Styrofoam ball - we didn't find a flower large enough to handle this beast.  

To be continued...


  1. Way to COOL!!!!! love this idea!
    Thanks for the follow.. Now I can see all of your great ideas. : )

  2. Hi Girls, I have given you "The Versatile Blogger" award on my blog. Please come over and check it out. Thanks you truly inspire me.

    Rhonda @ The Messy Roost

  3. Ahhh! Words can not express how much I love these. I just pinned them to my pinterest board and if I have time will make these for my Halloween party next weekend! :)

  4. Excellent idea! Pinning and Tweeting this one! Cheers!

  5. These are awesome! Such a clever idea and will be so much fun for Halloween.

    Thank you for linking these up to my Monster Mash Bash!

  6. These are great, thanks for sharing!

  7. These are so creepy! Great art.

  8. Thanks for adding all of your awesome Halloween decor to our Great Halloween Link Up! Just wanted to let you know that we're featuring your Man Eating Plants on Friday!!

  9. haha! these are precious. thanks for sharing!

  10. We are having a Halloween Kid Treats party over at Sassy Sites! I would love for you to come by and link this up! XOXO!

  11. These are awesome and easy.!!



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