Sunday, October 30, 2011

Haunted House - Room # 1 - The "White Room"

Three long months of collaborative preparation resulted in another successful Halloween Party!  Please take the tour through our spooky weekend of tricks and treats...

This year's big feature was the Haunted House (located in the basement).

As you walked down the basement stairs, you were greeted by various hands of darkness...

Unfortunately the only picture captured of the stairs was the next day, after we started to take the hands down.  (Imagine lime, black and purple hands randomly placed up and down the stairwell walls).

The children lined up the stairs around the hall and out the back door eagerly awaiting their turn.  

Their journey began by entering the "white room".  The tour guides warned the children to be quiet as to not wake anything up.

The newlyweds slept peacefully - until the children disturbed their resting place.

Creepy Scene Setter covering the big screen TV

LED tapered candles & paper towel roll candles (tutorial to come)

The baby on the left was a baby doll purchased at Goodwill - she was spray painted white and doctored up with red and black acrylic paint.  Vampire fangs were hot glued inside of the baby's mouth.  Layers of hot glue were added to the tops of the baby's ears and formed into a point.

 Before and After picture - special effects were created by using


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