Sunday, October 30, 2011

Haunted House - Room # 2 - "The Spider Room"

After leaving the abandoned "White Room" the children entered the Enchanted Forest.  Creepy sounds of the night bounced from wall to wall.  

The first thing to greet the eager children was this motion activated  JUMPING SPIDER.  This was the hot item of the year - we had to be placed on a waiting list as every Spirit Costume in the States sold out of this terrifying arachnid.  Well worth the wait I must say!
Spiders of every shape and size crawled up and down the spiderweb encased walls.  I hated it - mission accomplished!

 Upon leaving the Enchanted Forest of Spiders, the children came face to face with a life sized cocoon - it was time to leave before the spiders got a hold of the the kids!!

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