Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paint Chip Art

Paint Chip Coasters

What you'll need:
  • Inexpensive bathroom tile - I found mine at Home Depot for 14 cents a piece!
  •  Paint chips in all colors
  • Disposable restaurant coasters to be used as a template
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush (I had to throw 2 coasters away because brush bristles dried under the glue.  Next time I would use foam brushes)
  • Clear gloss sealer
  • Protective felt pads for the underside of your coasters

What to do:

  • Place coaster template on top of desired paint chip color - trace around and cut out
  • Brush Mod Podge paste on the back side of your paint chip cut out
  • Center paint chip cut out on top of bathroom tile (I had problems here with air bubbles.  Make sure you take your time to make sure everything is glued evenly with out air bubbles)
  • Brush a thin coat of Mod Podge on top of the paint chip/tile combo - apply several coats (let dry in between coats)
  • Finish off with clear gloss sealer
  • Place protective felt pads on the underside of the tile as to not scratch your surface

 Framed Paint Chip Art

Frames: Purchased at the Dollar Store for $1 each
Left: This was just cut to fit the frame from a paint chip brochure - I based my colors on this page
Center: This mosaic pattern was created by cutting thin strips using the blue/gray color scheme
Right: This was created by simply framing a horizontal style paint chip

    Paint Chip Bookmarks:  These were created by cutting out a vertical bookmark shape - punch a hole in the top center using a hole punch and stringing and knotting coordinating yarn through the hole.

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    1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

      I actually just made myself some paint chip art this week! You can check it out here if interested:

      Thanks -all the best,



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