Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ghosts of Halloween Past

My earliest memories of Halloween begin with an annual costume parade put on by our local elementary school .  I remember how excited I was for a free day of dress up and candy!  Grades K - 6 stood in line impatiently waiting to be let out into the 'I can see my breath' freezing cold.  October in Ohio is somewhere between rainy & freezing - damp & brisk.  If your costume required a skirt or short sleeves you always paired it with sweat pants and a turtle neck which inevitably messed up whatever theme you were shooting for.  Wet leaves, cold air and bone chilling wind never stopped us.  Sleet did.  I remember a very quick parade one year.  Are you shivering yet?

Halloween Parade 1990 - Strutting my Vampire costume.
Another childhood Halloween that will always resonate with me was my Mom's version of a Haunted house.  Well, it was more of a Haunted front yard.  Dry ice, headstones, and creepy music were always a staple on Halloween night.  She even convinced my Dad to dress up as Dracula (which was a big deal because anyone who knows my Dad knows he's not big into the holiday spirit) and boy did he make a great Dracula!  
Dracula (Dad), Catra (Me) and Snuggle Bear (Jaime)
Lil' Bo-Peep (Me) / Sheep (Jaime) Handmade costumes by Mom
Punk (Me) - 1991
As a teenager (that awkward age between too old to collect candy from the neighborhood and too young to attend adult parties), I took a short sabbatical from playing dress up. 

In my  twenties my love for Halloween returned as one of my best friends shared an even stronger passion for the holiday.  We discussed costume options mid summer and attended multiple Halloween parties each year.

Girl Scout (Me) / Life sized Doll (BF) - 2004  **The green vest and patches were mine when I was in Girl Scouts although I added a few novelty patches for fun.  The cookie box was made into a purse and the green belt was my Mother's when she was a Girl Scout.

Evil Fairy (BF) / Vampire (Me) - 2003
Now, in my thirties, I'm even more excited then ever for Halloween.  It means a trip back to Ohio to see the family, my Sister's Halloween party, Fall colors and of course I get to dress up as somebody else! 

I feel a little lazy this year because the components of my costume are very minimal in comparison to years past. I'm going with the "less is more" approach this year ;)

In need of inspiration and/or motivation?  Check out more of our costumes below.

Design DNA - 2005

Lawn Jockey

Elderly Couple

Creepy Santa

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  1. I grew up in Ohio and Halloween was always FREEZING!!

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