Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ugly Sweater - My Ugly Attempt

Ugly Sweater parties have taken over and I'm a huge fan.  I'll take any excuse to dress in "costume"! 

Work puts on an annual "ugly sweater" day so I seized the day and took my opportunity.  I assumed finding the perfectly hideous top would be a simple task.  So I waited until the night before and raided the local thrift store. 

Apparently you can no longer find ugly sweaters these days.  I went to 2 Savers and a Goodwill before I gave up and decided to make my own.  While at my final Savers I walked through the doors and took about 5 steps before seeing the ugly sweater Mecca.  Holy marketing genius!  Savers hand crafted ugly sweaters of all sorts and slapped a $20 price tag on each!  Unless I'm purchasing furniture at a thrift store I have a very hard time spending much more than $6 on anything.  This gave me many ideas though!  (also, I don't know that I could have worn one of these sweaters without washing it first).

Supplies: Christmas decor, sweater and hot glue
Step 1: Wash thrift store sweater
Step 2:  Map out desired ugliness and glue to sweater

Step 3: Proudly wear Ugly sweater
Cost: $10
  • Thrift store sweater: $6 (this could be free if you have an old one you don't mind globing on the hot glue)
  • Christmas decor: $4 (easily free if you have Christmas decor you don't mind parting with) - anything Christmas was 50% off!
  • Hot glue: on hand
I got so many compliments on my sweater so I guess it wasn't as ugly as I thought!

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  1. See? there are nice people in the world.
    Nice people= anyone who would tell you "Nice Sweater" :)
    If they vote at work on the ugliest sweater...I bet you'd win!

    via MRL, Pat

  2. What FUN!! Oh yes, this is a winner, LOL!!! Now following via Facebook and GFC:)

  3. definitely good idea for a diy version. this is hilarious and super ugly. i wish my work did this! we did a door decorating contest as our seasonal fun thing, so fingers crossed.

  4. Have to show my daughter, she'll love this!



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